Sunday, July 6, 2014

After Jay-Z dropped "American Gangster"... Super producer K-Def remixed that sh*t with some hot @$$ beats son!!!!! Cop that sh*t after the jump... Bangin'!!!!

  1. Intro
  2. Pray
  3. American Dreamin'
  4. Hello BK
  5. No Hook
  6. Roc Boys
  7. Sweet!!!
  8. I Know...
  9. Party Life
  10. Ignorant Shit
  11. Say Hello
  12. Success
  13. Fallin'
  14. Blue Magic
K-DEF- "Real Live Gangster Instrumentals"

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

IronGodMusic Presents... Shaman Work presenting.... Beatology!!!!!!

I love beats... It's no lie... I love listening to instrumentals and making 'em.... Sometimes I don't want to hear lyrics and just vibe out to head nodding beats... The great thing is that since there are no words... some pretentious a$$hole can't complain to me about how sexist, masochistic, and violent hip hop is as whole... So I listen to beats.... And along comes Beatology!!! This lil gem I originally found on vinyl and fell in love with it... This compilation has some of my favorite producers... Give it a listen... Preferably around friends... Word....

Shaman Work Presents... Beatology Vol. 1 & 2

  1. Try To Test- FAT JACK
  2. Represent People- ID 4 WINDZ
  3. Love To The World- HAMMADI
  4. Get On The Good Foot- WALE OYEJIDE
  5. Forgive Me- 4TH DISCIPLE
  6. Drill  Sargent- J. RAWLS
  7. Dirty Robots- EXILE
  8. Clapper- ERIK RICO
  9. Brown Liquor- KEV BROWN
  10. All In- COUNT BASS D
  11. #7- TA'RAACH

Monday, January 6, 2014

88 KEYS!!!!! Before Viagra... Stay Up!!!!

This joint right here is one the best mixtapes I heard that came out of nowhere... Sure I heard of 88 Keys before this project... but just in the few beats he produced for Blackstar, J-Live & Truth Enola... I always wanted to hear more and I got my wish in the form of "Adam's Case Files"... What's more interesting is the artist who participated in this project (see tracklist below)... Makes for a good listen... Good beats & rhymes...

"Adam's Case Files" [LIQ COMP]
Produced Entirely by 88 Keys

  1. 21 & Over- BIG SEAN
  2. Fibs- GRAPH
  3. Just Like A Man- GUILTY SIMPSON
  4. Typical Maury- IZZA KIZZA
  5. Wasting My Minutes- KID CUDI
  6. Deal Breakers- MR. BENTLEY
  7. Quit Playing- SERIUS JONES
  8. Cuddle Bums- TANYA MORGAN
  9. A Happy Ending? -88 KEYS
  10. True Feelings- 88 KEYS
  11. True Feelings (inst.)- 88 KEYS
  12. Young, Dumb & Full of... -88 KEYS
  13. Young, Dumb & Full of... (inst.)- 88 KEYS
  14. Adam's Case Files (Outro)

88 KEYS- Adam's Case Files

Thursday, January 2, 2014

BUSTA RHYMES Presents...  Tha Bullshit!!!

Before Bussa Bus released the now titled "Back On B.S." in 2009... There were tracks floating around comprised of the original release that was supposed to be titled "Back On My Bullshit"... With emphasis on "Bullshit" in the title... So during the period in which he was released from Aftermath/Interscope to the period he released the retail version on whatever label it's on now (too lazy to look... fill in the blank)... we are left with a whole new... better version than the bullshit that was actually released... See the tracklist below... I added some remixes and tracks that I think fit but were not on any album... Enjoy.... LIQ!!!!

Back On My Bullshit: The Prelude [LIQ COMP]

  1. Arab Money
  2. Arab Money [Remix] w/ NORE, Rick Ross, Spliff Starr, Red Cafe & Reek Da Villian
  3. Blown
  4. Breathin' Like That
  5. Bust Our Gunz
  6. Don't Touch Me
  7. Don't Touch Me [Remix] w/ Nas, Big Daddy Kane, The Game, Lil Wayne, Spliff Star & Reek Da Villian
  8. Don't Want None
  9. Get That Gwoop w/ Slim Thug
  10. I Got Bass
  11. Missle
  12. Packin' Them Things
  13. Stop The Party
  14. Stop The Party [Remix] w/ Ghostface Killah, DMX, Cam'ron & T.I.
  15. Throw It Up w/ Lil Wayne & Ludacris
  16. Undescribable w/ Billy Danze
  17. We Made It w/ Linkin Park
  18. Where's My Fuckin' Money?

BUSTA RHYMES "Back On My Bullshit: The Prelude"

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


These brothaz were what you would label... 90's hip hop... You will probably not be able to find these tracks from a record store (almost don't exist anymore) or even an online retailer...  But you can find it here... If you know a way to support their music... do it... I did...


TroubleNeck Brothers
  1.  85 Live
  2. 862
  3. Back To The Hip Hop
  4. Back To The Hip Hop (inst.)
  5. F**k Y'all
  6. F**k Y'all (Outro)
  7. Gusto
  8. Hood Up, Caps Down
  9. Live From The Projects
  10. Maintain
  11. Open Up The Gates
  12. Poets At War
  13. Pure
  14. Release Me
  15. Represent [Trouble Mix]
  16. Represent [Villian Mix]
  17. Rockin' In Harmony
  18. S**k My D**k
  19. Troubleneck Wreck
  20. Troubleneck Wreck (inst.)




Monday, March 4, 2013

Bombay Mixtape Vol. 1

Peace, Peace, Peace... What's good... Many many years back... Me and the homie Andre Bolden began to make a compilation of remixes to display our up and coming talent... These are our very early works and the remixes are rough, unpolished & unmastered... This is due to the untimely passing of my good friend Andre in 2009... We never got a full chance to grow together as artists and friends... But I enjoyed the time I had with him on  earth...  I will never forget what could of been... REST IN PEACE MY BROTHA... Download it... Enjoy it... Preserve the Big Homie Andre Bolden's memory... I ain't forget you....

Bombay Mixtape Vol. 1
Produced By Vision The IronGod, Andre Bolden & Andrew Miranda

  1. Back In The Day- AHMAD
  2. Back Up Off Me- TALIB KWELI
  3. Be Your Painted Picture- TEEDRA MOSES
  4. BK-BX Connection- NICE & SMOOTH
  5. Boogie Days & Times- BOOGIEMONSTERS
  6. Bounty Bhangra- BOUNTY KILLER
  7. Break U Off In Slumber- BLACK THOUGHT
  8. Canibus Speaks- CANIBUS
  9. Chin Check- NWA
  10. Coke- PLANET ASIA
  11. Crooked Angles- PEP LOVE
  12. Cuz I Had 2- 2PAC
  13. Fast Lane- BILAL
  14. Fatbooty Drunken Master- MOS DEF
  15. Freeway Is Sideways- FREEWAY
  16. Get This $$$- SLUM VILLAGE
  17. Had 2 Say- PETE ROCK
  18. I Gotcha- LUPE FIASCO
  19. I'm A Hustla- SMOOTH THE HUSTLA
  20. Incredible- KEITH MURRAY & L.L. COOL J
  21. It's Pitch Black- PITCH BLACK
  22. Joey Crack- FAT JOE
  23. Quik Mon- DJ QUIK
  24. Ride On- SNOOP DOGG
  25. Servin'- BIG GIPP
  26. Sky Is Falling- BLACKALICIOUS
  27. So Many Night- RAEKWON
  28. Spring Water- RAEKWON
  29. Take A Nap (Outro)- ERNIE & BERT
  30. The Mobb- MOBB DEEP
  31. Weak Productions- ROYAL FLUSH
  32. Work It Out- Q-TIP
  33. Paparazzi- LADY GAGA


Saturday, February 23, 2013


Check out my 1st video done by the absolutely talented people @ USC and the Great "Shaan Dimri".... My brotha'....
It dope!!!!